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BeatBack: Making Music Pay

What is BeatBack?

BeatBack is a social dApp (decentralised application) built on Zenotta’s blockchain that allows artists, musicians & creators to more fairly monetise their media.

Why BeatBack?

Modern streaming platforms have revolutionised the music industry and enabled artists access to new global audiences. However, despite the meteoric rise of online streaming, equitable distribution of revenues continue to elude creators across the world.

How does BeatBack help artists?

Designed as a decentralised application on Zenotta’s public blockchain, BeatBack seeks to redistribute revenues to the stakeholders who rightly deserve them: the artists & creators.

As a platform, BeatBack allows artists to assign digital watermarks to their digital media files (songs, albums, digital art, NFTs). This allows for programming of fair use rights, automated royalties and limited or unlimited sharing at the individual file level.

Put simply, this places the artist back in control of their work, allowing them to engage directly with global fans and audiences, earn their fair revenue share and expand their catalogue or collections beyond traditional promotional channels.



How does BeatBack work?


A next-generation non-fungible token (NFT) based on SmartData, Zenotta’s proprietary decentralized file format, which allows media assets to be secured as either a file, field, or record.


Zenotta’s lightweight and scalable Layer 1 blockchain which enables efficient and comprehensive application features, such as ticketing and releases of limited edition media.


A comprehensive and full-featured legal framework that enables seamless rights management and dynamic management of media.


Efficient & secure peer-to-peer trades of digital media assets, such as songs, albums, riffs, and music videos.




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